Taseen Islam

Pronouns: He/Him 


Hello, my name is Taseen Islam and I am a junior studying Computer Science, Computational Math, and Applied Math. I am a current USG Senator and a member of the Brooklyn College Policy Council and I am running for reelection as a USG Senator for 2024-2025. I am a Bangladeshi Muslim and will be fighting for issues important to my communities, making sure that the administration hears our concerns and works with us to resolve them. I know many cultural and religious groups have felt a need to be heard by the college, so my goal is to improve student life on campus for these groups so that every student feels safe and welcome both on and off campus. In addition to this, I want to create better academic resources for students, such as a centralized course database so that students will be able to easily find useful information about current and future course offerings so that they can plan their busy schedules accordingly. I am always eager to receive suggestions and new ideas from my fellow students, so vote for me to be a USG senator if you want to see your great ideas become a reality.

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