How to Vote

Voting dates: March 20nd - March 31st

How to Vote

Voting will take place at this link:

Students can vote from any device with access to the internet.

Press the "Cast Your Vote" button to proceed.

Once your eligibility* has been determined, the following screen will appear:

Press the “Continue” button to proceed to the ballot.

Select or write-in your desired candidates and press the “Submit My Votes” button when you complete your selections. Keep in mind that write-in votes are subject to a thorough review by the Elections Commissioners.

You can choose to vote later by pressing the “I Will Vote Later” button or by closing your web browser window at any time. You will be able to access the elections channel from WebCentral again as long as you return prior to the close of the election period.

After submitting your vote, you will be prompted to confirm your selections. Pressing “OK” will submit your ballot for processing and pressing “Cancel” will return to the ballot page, where you can update your selections.

*Your eligibility to vote in the various elections depends on your student status:

If you feel there is an error in your record preventing access to a specific election, please contact the Office of the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs: 718-951-5712