Noam Abrahams 

Pronouns: He/Him


Hi everyone! My name is Noam Abrahams, I am a Junior majoring in Art, and I'd be honored to be your Undergraduate Student Government President next year!

I joined USG almost immediately after coming to Brooklyn College. I started as a senator in the Fall of 2023, then was appointed as Treasurer starting in the Spring of 2023. As the treasurer, I've run weekly meetings, advocated for students, worked to highlight campus resources, and represented students on collegewide committees alongside faculty and administration. Some of my favorite projects I've worked on over the past 2 years were last year's Interfaith event and creating the Event Planning Guidebook for Club Leaders. Besides USG, I spend my time working as a freelance graphic designer, reading, and hiking.  

My main goal is to advocate for students (you all!) by providing spaces for you to be heard and making campus a place you want to be.  I’m excited to take everything I’ve learned through my time at USG so far and make sure we're working with every student to make BC Brighter!

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