Muhammad Ali 

Pronouns: He/Him 


Muhammad Ali, an upper junior at Brooklyn College, is a dual major in Theatre and Marketing, seamlessly blending his creative passion with strategic acumen. Beyond academia, Muhammad is deeply connected to his faith, providing a solid foundation for both personal growth and artistic expression. As he advances through his college journey, Muhammad is committed to illuminating South Asian representation in the entertainment industry.

With a profound belief in the power of storytelling, Muhammad aims to bridge cultural divides through his work. Grounded in his faith and driven by a desire for inclusivity, he aspires to challenge stereotypes and amplify the voices of the South Asian community. Through his dual majors, Muhammad envisions leveraging the intersection of Theatre and Marketing to create compelling campaigns that celebrate diversity.

Muhammad Ali emerges as a promising force, combining creative prowess with a keen business sense. With a focus on fostering diverse narratives, he strives to be a positive influence, contributing to a more inclusive and representative entertainment landscape. In the intersection of Theatre, Marketing, and faith, Muhammad is poised to make a meaningful impact, adding his unique voice to the ongoing conversation in the industry.

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