Malak Yafai

Pronouns: She/Her 


Hello Brooklyn College Fam, I'm Malak Yafai, a junior student With a major in Information Systems and double minors in Marketing and Computer Science. with a passion for making a difference. I'm currently serving as USS delegate, I'm not just another face in the crowd, I'm a voice for my peers, advocating for their needs and concerns with dedication and empathy.

Beyond my academic pursuit, I balance my rigorous coursework with extracurricular activities, always finding time to lend a helping hand or offer words of encouragement to my peers.

In everything I do, I embody the spirit of leadership, innovation, and compassion. My journey is not just about reaching the next milestone; it's about making a meaningful impact and leaving a lasting legacy. And as I continue to navigate the twists and turns of college life.

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