Kaitlyn Chan 

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 


My name is Kaitlyn, and I am currently a junior double-majoring in biology and psychology. I am interested in joining Senate because I hope to play a more active role in the Brooklyn College community. As senator, I intend to empower student voices and advocate for the implementation of programs, legislations, services, and policies that will lead to overall campus improvement. I hope to spearhead movements that will enhance campus safety and security, lead to greater funding towards the health clinic, improve sustainability throughout campus, and promote infrastructural reforms. I hope to address issues regarding the lack of air conditioning in certain classrooms, slow Wifi, inefficient accessibility services for students with disabilities, and academic inflexibilities for nontraditional students. Lastly, I aim to help expand Brooklyn College’s course offerings and major programs, including Neuroscience and Biochemistry, and become more involved in events that will strengthen school spirit (comedy and talent shows, cultural showcases, etc.). I believe that my reliability, integrity, and strong communication, organization, and time management skills make me a good fit for this position. Having served in Senate and the Student Affairs Committee this past year as well as the Club Affairs Council this past semester, I am also equipped with the experience to carry out these objectives. Furthermore, my experience e-Permitting classes at many other CUNY schools (Baruch, Queens, and College of Staten Island) puts me in a unique position, allowing me to gain insight into the initiatives implemented in other schools that can be extended to ours.

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