Iman Siddiqui 


Hi! My name is Iman Siddiqui and I’m a junior majoring in biology. I served as a USG Senator last year and would be honored to continue to do so. My experiences with the community at Brooklyn College have been great but as always, work can be done to improve the overall experience of undergraduate students. 

Senators aim to have constructive discussions and are eventually able to enact change on various levels, ranging from club affairs and education to campus environment and school-wide events. I have various leadership experiences each of which has taught me critical skills. By coordinating events like diversity receptions, Macaulay’s Supporting Excellence conference, Peace Action’s Student Peace Conference, and the CUNY Summit for Peace & Justice these past two years, I have learned how to effectively work with others, collaborate with organizations, work well under time constraints, and be proactive. Moreover, being a peer mentor has allowed me to learn ways to effectively spread information about campus resources, specifically when guiding freshmen. I have learned to not just hear, but rather listen!

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