Haikeda A Hilliman

Pronouns: She/Her 


Haikeda Hilliman is an international student at Brooklyn College hailing from the shores of Guyana. She is a young poet and musician majoring in both Creative Writing and Journalism with a minor in Music. Throughout her time at Brooklyn College, she has achieved writing goals which include multiple poems published in Brooklyn College’s English Majors magazine called The Junction in 2023, where she is currently a writing Intern. She is also the third prize winner of the Visual Media and Performing Arts (VMPA) Anti Racism, Equity, and Inclusion (AREI) contest with her winning poem I Walk Free. Haikeda Hilliman also received the award of International Student of the Year in 2023 at Brooklyn College’s end-of-year Make a Difference Awards. As the president of both Riverrun and the newly chartered Brooklyn College Pan Association (BCPA), Haikeda continues to strive for change and equity through her leadership roles. As an aspiring journalist, Haikeda will pursue her career as she achieves her bachelor’s degree in 2025. 

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