Ajadah Simms 

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 


Ajadah Simms is a sophomore student majoring in Political Science, and currently serving as Club Director for BC’s Undergraduate Student Government. Having joined USG through the Student Center Advisory Committee and C.W.E.R.C. her freshman year, Ajadah continues to devote herself to student-based initiatives and pursues every opportunity to build community. She has also served Brooklyn College as President of S.C.A.B.C., a member of the Policy Council, and the greater Brooklyn borough as an advocate for historical preservation (with Greenwood and the Flatbush African Burial Ground) and a public artist. Employing extensive interpersonal relation skills, Ajadah is determined to be a means by which all students can participate in leadership and anticipate change, and intends to strengthen communications between students and their college. One such endeavor includes creating more platforms for publicizing resources campus-wide.

 Her ultimate aim is to see her fellow peers access and accentuate their opinions, feel heard, share smiles, and engage both socially and intellectually with the college environment they are integral to creating.

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